About us

About us

Kanape food # club is an urban haven for every connoisseur. The pleasure of pleasant conversation is complemented by elegant menu, on focus is Italian cuisine, but there are notes of Mediterranean and French cuisine. Good selection of drinks and good music – from one that does not necessarily committed to get into rhythm, but rather subsides slightly sideways as harmonious background of experience. Tranquility and coziness have turned Canape food # club not only preferred, but a must for anyone who wants to experience the true atmosphere of the city. Everything with us is selected and prepared with the idea to satisfy the most discerning tastes!


he story of every modern city is sealed in landmarks that characterize it on the map. There is another story that is often much more interesting and personal – one that people write in pubs, turned over the years in urban legend. For years club “Kanape” Pleven is at the heart of everything that is happens in the city.


e were changing and he was changing too. We were living and he was living too. We had fun … well, you know how this story goes. We made memories and he was participating in most of them. Not one or two loves have started in it and not one or two have ended there, but that’s another topic again. One such place has always combined good tasting the food, the interior, the music, the company and from a long time has become in cult and favorite for everyone who wants to be a part of an interesting urban crowd.